Originally our cooking school was an offshoot of the famed "Peter Kumps" in New York City. Peter Kump was well known as the prodigy of James Beard and his school was generally regarded as one of the most prestigious cooking schools in the USA. Having run Peters school for a number of years we first opened the satellite "Peter Kumps" school in Northern New Jersey, which was fully owned and operated by us. In 1994 we moved to Sewickley and again launched a satellite school. Unfortunately, Peter's untimely death, coupled with our failed attempt to purchase the other Peter Kumps Cooking schools, lead to the renaming of our school to SCA(PA). Today the famed New York school has changed it's name to The Institute of Culinary Education and is a frequent advertiser on Food TV. However, we believe that the Peter's philosophy of avocational cooking education to professional standards is alive and well at our school. most of all, we have fun!

Gaynor's School Of Cooking

309 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219


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Street parking is available evenings and weekends, at other times the nearest covered parking is directly behind us on McKean Street.