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International Programs

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Our Pittsburgh “staycation”, prepare and enjoy cuisines from around the world. During our culinary "tours" we visit Greece, Thailand, Morocco, Spain, India, Mexico and a trip to New Orleans to savor good olde Cajun and Creole comfort food. We even have a class in Pierogie Making  as well as a Sushi Making class.These international classes are intended to whet your appetite and to introduce you to the various cuisines and ingredients unique to the various countries we "visit". Hoping that you will take this new found knowledge and venture still further into the preparation and sampling of the foods of the world. Cost $95



We now offer a number Regional Italian classes: The culinary Regions are: Emiglia-Romagna, Lombardy, Tuscany, Campania, and Abruzzo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Venuto, Puglia, Calabria & Sardinia. So why not join us for a culinary tour of this great country? UPCOMING DATES: FOODS OF TUSCANY, FRIDAY JANUARY 5, 6-10PM BOOK NOW

FOODS OF GREECE:During our "trip" to the ancient Greece we will prepare: Hummus, Spanikopia, Moussaka, Broiled Salmon w/Citrus Sauce and of course Baklava.UPCOMING  DATE:JANUARY 14 1-5 PMBOOK NOW  


FOODS OF THAILAND: This wonderful asian cuisine, invites us to sample, fish sauce (Nam Pla), preserved turnip, galanga and shrimp paste and many other strange ingredients, while we prepare a delightful meal that includes a Green Chicken Curry and Pad Thai as well as a spicy coconut dessert. UPCOMING DATES: JANUARY 11, 6-10PM BOOK NOW


FOODS OF MOROCCO: This colorful norther African nation, is famous for its lamb and couscous, and we will be serving both of these along with a variety of mezze (appetizers) including, Borek and a bulgar salad with walnuts & red pepper. UPCOMING DATES: FRIDAY JANUARY 19 6-10PM BOOK NOW


FOODS OF SPAIN: The famous Paella will be proceeded by a selection of tapas, including the firey Romansc and Mushrooms marinated in a Sherry Vinaigrette. Dessert will include a mouthwatering cake made with the famous Valencia oranges.UPCOMING  DATES: TUESDAY JANUARY 23 , 6-10PM BOOK NOW

FOODS OF INDIA: Not all indian food is hot but it is always spicy. Naan bread, cucumber riata and tomato chutney will accompany a Chicken Kashmiri and a Vegetable Jalafrazi. And for dessert Mango Lazzi and Banana Fritters. UPCOMING DATES: SATURDAY JANUARY 27, 6-10PM. BOOK NOW


FOODS OF MEXICO: Food from South of the Border is not all nachos and enchiladas. We will make Chicken with Mole (chocolate) Sauce, Lime Soup, Chilies Rellenos and  a silky smooth Orange Flan. UPCOMING DATES: TUESDAY JANUARY 30 29 6-10PM. BOOK NOW


CAJUN SOUL FOOD: Foods of the Big Easy, Chicken Gumbo, Shrimp Ettouffe and for dessert a Sweet Potato Pecan Pie. "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"UPCOMING DATES: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 8, 6-10PM. BOOK NOW


PIEROGIE MAKING: What international cooking series in PIttsburgh would be complete without a Pierogie making class. Come and learn the traditional techniques taught to us by some of the older generation of polish inhabitants of the South Side. UPCOMING DATES: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 22 , 6-10PM BOOK NOW


SUSHI MAKING CLASS:During this class we will learn the ancient art of Sushi Making. Many sushi chefs study for 15 years or more to master this art, but we will put you on the right path. We will make a variety of different sushi and sashimi rolls,  as well as a traditional Dumpling Soup and there are always leftovers to take home. UPCOMING DATES: WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 29, 6-10PM MONDAY FEBRUARY 26 6-10PM BOOK NOW


Numerous dishes from the exotic Caribbean Islands, including Jerk Pork with rice and beans, and Avocado Salad. UPCOMING DATES: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 15 6-10PM BOOK NOW



Let us take you on a culinary tour of this colorful vibrant country. Dishes prepared include the infamous Feijoada, a carnivore’s dream, and a mouthwatering Lime Pave and a selection of Brazilian street foods. UPCOMING DATES: SATURDAY FEBRUARY 24, 6-10PM BOOK NOW


This is a really fun class where you learn to make pasta by hand. Then we cut in a variety of ways and make a mouth watering selection of sauces to serve with each .UPCOMING DATES:  MONDAY NOVEMBER 13 OR FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2 6-10PM BOOK NOW



 Gaynor is great! She's lived in Pittsburgh for long enough to be a local but is originally from abroad and so brings an invaluably worldly perspective to her cooking and stories. The class was so much fun and the food was delicious. Anyone considering attending shouldn't hesitate.



I love Gaynor's teaching style - very laid-back and personable. What can I say - cooks are fun and cheerful people! My husband really enjoyed the spaghetti bolognese that I brought home always very interactive class with Chef.  Chef always takes the mystique out of recipes, good variety of pasta, as well as, sauces, Like the interaction and laughter..(Linda D 2012)


What was your opinion of the food: loved eggplant and easy couscous (Sally G. 2013)


I enjoyed myself and had fun: Great class, Gaynor


I enjoyed myself and had fun: It hasnt even been 24 hours and I have already recommended it!


  Had such a great evening! I love the at home feeling This is what I want. Different techniques and tips for better cooking. Loved the pasta--so light. And the crumble cake was sooo good! It was my first time making pasta. I'm just so glad that my daughter and I decided to take this series. It's fun and so practical for the every day kitchen. KATHY M 2013



The instructor is my new buddy! I felt right at home. Authentic flavors were what I was looking for, too, and  I found them here. There's always room for me to grow in knowledge and learning from others is the best way.

The school is a hidden gem



The instructor was: Tremendous. Gaynor was helpful, witty, instructive, just a peach

The atmosphere was: Great space, great people (both staff and fellow classmates)

Complexity of the recipes: Indian food calls for a ton of ingredients and the prep was not complex, but certainly time-consuming but fun

What was your opinion of the food: I think we did a great job cooking with excellent recipes and insight.